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ENOKU (formerly Enable OKU) advances Sustainable Development Goals through empowerment and inclusivity. We support Persons with Disabilities and Employers in creating diverse, inclusive employment, fostering positive societal change.

for Persons with Disabilities

We're dedicated to leveling the employment playing field, ensuring equal opportunities.

for Employers

We help employers to shape their business strategy to eliminate systemic bias, drive social change, and gain a competitive edge.

What We Do

We put in the work for

Talent Assessment

We ensure the right talent for the right job


We offer advisory services to make your workplace more inclusive

Post Placement Support Services

We provide support and monitoring post employment

Sensitization Training

We conduct training to employer to increase awareness and readiness to hire


How we Achieve Impact for


ENOKU assesses required skills, identifies potential barriers, and strives to meet your goals for successful disability inclusion in the role.


ENOKU provides disability awareness training to equip your staff with the knowledge and support needed for successful inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workplace.


Based on the evaluation, ENOKU identifies and supports suitable candidates for your position by modifying job duties and providing necessary accommodations.


After placement, ENOKU monitors and supports the candidate, coordinating with you to ensure they receive necessary accommodations and additional training or resources for their success in the new role.
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Srories of the People

Ikram's photo looking at the camera

Ikram’s Story of Resilience

Ikram Ishak, hailing from Perlis, Malaysia, has encountered a lifetime of challenges as a Person with Disabilities (PWD). Despite being born with a hearing disability and facing instances of discrimination, his indomitable determination to excel academically always prevailed. However, a significant roadblock emerged when he was denied entry to a teaching school, diverting his career path into roles that did not reflect his true potential.

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