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It’s been a while since we updated and there’s a reason for it…

We’ve been so busy with a lot of programs and events, and one of our pinnacle highlights was going to the east coast! 

Since November 2023 to January 2024, ENOKU had actually been in Kelantan to conduct our Sustainable Employment for Persons with Disabilities Program 2023 and 2024. We had the privilege of conducting the program to 40 Persons with Disabilities participants (PWD) from Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) Kok Lanas and PDK Kubang Kerian. 

Throughout the program, we met so many amazing people, experienced the warm Kelantanese hospitality and had first-hand experience with the east coast monsoon! It was incredible! A journey that we would never forget!

P/s: Kecek kelate? No problem! 

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ENOKU recently concluded Sustainable Employment for Persons with Disabilities. Funded by Yayasan Bursa Malaysia and spanning from August 21st to September 8th, 2023, this initiative was a testament to ENOKU’s commitment to Sustainable Development Goals, specifically those related to inclusivity and employment.
The programme was thoughtfully structured, with a week of intensive classroom training followed by two weeks of On-the-Job Training (OJT). The classroom training covered crucial topics such as Mental Resilience, Communication & Self Representation, English Communication, Introduction to Excel, Resume Building, and Personal Finance. It aimed to equip participants with essential life and employability skills.
A highlight of the programme was the guest speaker from PERSOLKELLY, who discussed employee rights. This session added a valuable layer of knowledge and understanding for the participants, empowering them further in their employment journeys.
On-the-Job Training:
The heart of the programme lay in the two-week OJT phase. Here, participants were tasked with proposing and executing their own projects. This hands-on experience not only built their confidence but also fostered teamwork and introduced them to vital employment skills. Let’s explore the innovative projects they developed:
  1. Opportunect: Unlock the Barriers, Create an Opportunity – This project aimed to connect PWD job seekers through ENOKU, facilitating job opportunities.
  2. Kembara OKU – This project focused on educating PWDs on using public transportation, enhancing their independence with the help of tour guides within the infrastructure.
  3. Jobless – A platform designed to showcase PWD job seekers to potential employers and create opportunities for financial sustainability through entrepreneurship.


Eight dedicated participants successfully completed the training. ENOKU utilized this time to better understand their unique abilities, going beyond what a standard interview can reveal. Additionally, participants enjoyed a field trip to PETROSAINS, adding an enriching experiential dimension to their learning journey.


In conclusion, ENOKU’s recent programme, generously funded by Yayasan Bursa Malaysia, has brought us closer to achieving Sustainable Development Goals related to inclusivity and employment. This holistic initiative has not only equipped PWDs with essential skills but also empowered them to be active contributors to society. ENOKU’s commitment to bridging the employment gap is truly commendable, and we look forward to more transformative initiatives in the future.

On Monday, we received the exciting news that ENOKU would sponsor our trip to Petrosains. I’m thrilled about it. Afterward, I started browsing the Petrosains website to get an idea of what’s there, making my journey more enjoyable. “The best opportunities may come only once.”
Our journey began on August 30, 2023, at 10:30 AM. Alhamdulillah, I learned a lot during this trip.
OIL Platform, Also Known As “The Platform”:
I received an explanation from the volunteer on duty about what’s in the section called “The Platform.” It’s almost similar to what’s used and practiced on an oil rig. Safety is of utmost importance.
Speed Section:
Upon reaching the Speed Section, I spotted a machine that caught my interest—a Formula 1 car. I wanted to experience what it’s like to be in that vehicle. However, I felt tired and cramped since my feet couldn’t reach the pedals. I’m too short to drive such a vehicle. Nonetheless, thanks to Petrosains for giving me the opportunity to sit in and “drive” it, even though it was a dummy.
At 12:15 PM, we took a break at Mesra Cafe. The food options were limited, and the prices were high due to high demand. Unfortunately, it was the only cafe available in Petrosains.
Sustainability Gallery:
I’m passionate about the environment and farming. At Petrosains, I learned the Vertical Farming technique, which I now practice at home. I also joined the kids in coloring robots with crayons and scanning my robot using their QR Code scanner.
Geotime Diorama (Dinosaur):
There was one section that made me uncomfortable because I have a vivid imagination. I’m not fond of dinosaurs and the sounds they make. I quickly left that place.
Pssstt…… hold on, I have something to share.
Overall, I had a wonderful time, and this adventure provided me with valuable knowledge. Coincidentally, it was during the school holidays, so Petrosains was crowded. Parents should educate their children on how to use machines and equipment correctly and safely. We should foster a culture of “reading,” “understanding,” “immersing,” and “practicing.” Not everything needs to be touched and pressed, as some machines or equipment may be damaged and out of order due to repair time.
I want to express my special thanks to ENOKU, Lady Qadijah, Lady Sarah, Lady Lily, Ikram, and Mus for giving us this opportunity to explore and for their patience in organizing such a program.



This article is being posted on behalf of the original author. The views and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author, and any claims or statements made here do not necessarily reflect the views of ENOKU or its team members. We are sharing this content as a means of amplifying the author’s message, and it should be understood as their own work.


Last Tuesday, on the 28th of September, thanks to Petronsains, we had the incredible opportunity to visit Petrosains at Suria KLCC. This allowed us to immerse ourselves in firsthand experiences of scientific activities, experiments, and modern technological simulations offered by Petrosains. It marked my very first visit to Petrosains, and I found myself utterly captivated by the place’s overall decor and design. While it was undoubtedly a fun and exciting experience, there were also a couple of less enjoyable moments that I encountered during our visit to Petrosains last Tuesday. Here, I will recount both the enjoyable and less enjoyable aspects of our visit.
On the day of our visit, we had agreed to meet up at the Kerinchi LRT station and then take the LRT to KLCC. Once we arrived at Petrosains, we were warmly greeted by the staff there. Given our sizable group, we decided to divide into smaller groups. I found myself grouped with Ms. Q and Amirul. This was particularly significant for us, who had a visual impairment. Ms. Q did an exceptional job explaining the various tools and graphics on display. It was truly impressive how she made the information accessible to Amirul and me. Indeed, for individuals such as Amirul and myself, who faced challenges in perceiving the visual exhibits, it would be greatly beneficial if Petrosains could offer audio explanations or Braille text to enhance accessibility for those with visual impairments. These provisions are not only vital but also profoundly advantageous for individuals who lack visual capabilities.
At lunchtime, we made our way to the Mesra Cafeteria within the Petrosains area. After an extensive period of walking and exploration, we found ourselves quite fatigued and ravenously hungry, anticipating a delectable meal ahead. To our surprise, our expectations were somewhat misled, as the cafeteria offerings were limited, and I could only manage to procure a sausage roll and a Matcha latte. Admittedly, we took into consideration that it was a school holiday, and the place was bustling with visitors. Given the sizable crowd, the cafeteria should have been better prepared with an adequate supply of food to satisfy the hungry patrons.
As I mentioned earlier, being in the midst of the school holiday season, it was entirely expected that a place like Petrosains would be bustling with energetic children darting about. While such behavior is understandable for children, I would like to suggest that Petrosains consider employing additional staff to help manage and supervise the young visitors. Furthermore, I noticed that some of the equipment on display was either damaged or incomplete. This aspect could benefit from some attention to ensure a more seamless and fulfilling experience for all visitors.
In summary, our one-day visit to Petrosains was a truly enjoyable and fun experience. I’d like to extend a special shoutout to Petrosains for generously sponsoring our visit and express my heartfelt gratitude to the ENOKU team for their assistance in ensuring we could partake in as many activities and simulations as possible during our time there. Without the combined efforts of Petrosains and the ENOKU team, this memorable trip to Petrosains wouldn’t have been possible. I will cherish the memories and experiences gained at Petrosains for a lifetime.



This article is being posted on behalf of the original author. The views and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author, and any claims or statements made here do not necessarily reflect the views of ENOKU or its team members. We are sharing this content as a means of amplifying the author’s message, and it should be understood as their own work.


On Tuesday, August 29, 2023, we were very excited to visit KLCC PETROSAINS. There were 14 of us, including Miss Qadijah, Mus, Ikram, Sarah, Lily, Mikey, Hafis, and others. I was thrilled! We arrived at Kerinci LRT station. Some of us with disabilities used Grab cars to get to KLCC. We all gathered around 9:30-9:45, and we took the LRT to KLCC. Miss Q told me that we had day passes, so we went to the information counter to get them.

The challenging part for me was that everyone was speaking Malay, which I found a bit difficult. I think we needed to go through five stations before arriving at KLCC. I could see that Miss Q was busy taking care of everyone.
When we arrived, we took the elevator to the fourth floor and entered the exhibit.
Ikram, Nabila, and I were in one group, while others were in different groups.
Inside, we saw fantastic lights, perfect for taking TikTok videos and photos. We circled around, following the map. I thought there would be nasi lemak at the café, but it was sold out, so I bought a curry puff to eat. We explored each section one by one, and in the middle, there was a café. When we finished, we moved on to another area with toilets, and more.
I remember seeing fire exhibits, dinosaurs, and crossing a bridge. The highlight was making paper airplanes that flew really far!
After exploring, we went to the food court. I wasn’t sure what to eat, so Didie and I shared yootaufoo. She had a coke, and I had a hot soya drink called yooguaiguai.

When we finished, we headed back home. Thank you for the memorable day!



This article is being posted on behalf of the original author. The views and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author, and any claims or statements made here do not necessarily reflect the views of ENOKU or its team members. We are sharing this content as a means of amplifying the author’s message, and it should be understood as their own work.

In the soft morning light, a diverse group of individuals gathered at Kerinchi LRT station on August 29, 2023, ready to embark on an intriguing expedition. Their destination? PETROSAINS, the Science Discovery Centre at Suria KLCC. While the sun had only just begun its ascent, the anticipation in the air was palpable. The participants included both abled and disabled individuals, all eager to partake in a day filled with science, technology, and, above all, inclusivity.
As they boarded the train, the reality of rush hour set in. The crowded LRT train during those early hours tested their determination, but they stood tall, determined to embrace the day just like any other commuter.
Crowded train ride
Upon arrival at PETROSAINS, the building’s imposing yet inviting façade welcomed them. The initial language barrier was an unexpected hurdle. Selina, one of the spirited participants, shared, “The challenging part for me was that everyone was speaking Malay, which I found a bit difficult.” Language differences added an extra layer to their adventure, but it was a challenge they were willing to overcome.


Stepping into PETROSAINS was akin to entering a realm of science fiction. The dimmed lights and intriguing sounds beckoned, promising an immersive experience. Selina’s excitement couldn’t be contained as she remarked, “Inside, we saw captivating lights, perfect for capturing TikTok videos and photos. The highlight was crafting paper airplanes that soared astonishingly far!”


Their journey unfolded, guiding them through Earth’s history, from the depths of the ocean to outer space. Oil platforms, Formula 1 cars, and even a foray into a 3D world expanded their horizons. Yet, as with any adventure, challenges lay ahead.
Amirul and Atiqah artwork
Dinosaur Park
Lunchtime found them at Mesra Cafe, but the bustling crowd left them with limited food options. Azrul, a participant who moved with crutches, pointed out, “Food options are scarce, and the demand exceeds supply, leading to higher prices.” It was a stark reminder that accessibility encompassed more than just ramps and elevators; it encompassed basic necessities as well.


Zaiton, another participant using a wheelchair, faced her own set of challenges. Several lifts designed for wheelchair users were out of service, limiting her access to certain parts of the exhibition. Many science demonstrations were positioned on platforms or tables that were too high for her to interact with comfortably. These obstacles underscored the pressing need for improved accessibility throughout the center.


In addition to these challenges, there was a severe lack of support for vision-impaired individuals. Selina and Amirul, who were visually impaired, faced a daunting task of navigating the exhibits without adequate accommodation. Recognizing this gap, an ENOKU representative stepped in as a guide and companion, verbally explaining each exhibit to them. This act of inclusivity highlighted the importance of addressing the needs of all participants, regardless of their abilities.


As they continued their exploration, accessibility concerns surfaced. Elevators, although present, sometimes proved too snug for wheelchairs and their users, underscoring the need for more accommodating facilities. Gnana raised a crucial point, “Employing volunteers and staff who know sign languages would be an asset in assisting deaf visitors.”


In conclusion, their trip to PETROSAINS was a day filled with unforgettable moments. They delved into the wonders of science, forged new friendships, and gained insights. Amid laughter, learning, and growth, they discovered that inclusivity wasn’t solely about physical accessibility; it extended to ensuring everyone’s basic needs were met.


Amidst the challenges they encountered, what truly shone through was the unwavering unity within the group. Didie, one of the participants, took it upon herself to accompany Zaiton throughout the exhibition, ensuring she could fully participate in the experience. This act of companionship embodied the spirit of inclusivity that ENOKU stood for. Their support for one another extended beyond the exhibition halls. After the exhibits, they made sure that everyone, especially the visually impaired, had a fulfilling meal at the food court. Together, they navigated the bustling streets of KLCC and boarded the train, ensuring no one was left behind. Some even opted to carpool, further reinforcing the bond that had been forged during their day of discovery. This unity, both during and after the exhibition, showcased the genuine care and camaraderie that defined their journey to PETROSAINS.
Group photo outside PETROSAINS
As they bid farewell to PETROSAINS, they carried with them not only knowledge but also a shared sense of unity. Their journey was a testament to the power of inclusivity, a reminder that every individual had a unique story to tell and a valuable contribution to make.

I’m Ikram Ishak, a 24-year-old from Perlis, Malaysia. I’ve faced challenges throughout my life due to being a Person with Disabilities (PWD) since birth. Despite these obstacles, I’ve found strength in my journey, particularly through my association with ENOKU, a social enterprise dedicated to bridging the gap between PWDs and employers.

I was born with a hearing disability, requiring the use of hearing aids. Growing up as the youngest of three siblings in Perlis, I attended SMK Pendidikan Khas Persekutuan, a special education school for students with disabilities. Despite my disability, I was determined to excel academically and earned my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.

My life wasn’t without hurdles. I had to adapt to a different environment early on, as I attended a boarding school from Standard One. Despite my capabilities, I faced discrimination when I was denied entry to a teaching school, which was a dream I knew I could achieve. Instead, I ended up working in jobs that didn’t reflect my true potential, including factory work and the food and beverage industry.

My life took a positive turn when I discovered ENOKU. In January 2023, I was offered a role as a Community Engagement Officer, which was a game-changer for me. At ENOKU, I not only found a job but also a sense of acceptance and happiness that had been missing in my previous workplaces.

ENOKU provided me with a platform where my strengths and abilities were recognized and utilized to their fullest potential. I could finally use my Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (Malaysian Sign Language) skills effectively and connect with others who shared my language. The organization’s inclusive and supportive environment made me feel like an integral part of a team, breaking the barriers I had faced throughout my life.

In my role as a Community Engagement Officer at ENOKU, I’ve been able to make a significant impact. I’ve become a source of inspiration for others, showing that disabilities don’t define a person’s capabilities. I actively engage with the community and have played a crucial role in connecting PWDs with employers who value their unique skills and talents.

My journey from hardship to success is a beacon of hope for all. My story illustrates the transformative power of organizations like ENOKU, which strive to empower PWDs to overcome obstacles and contribute meaningfully to society. My life has been transformed, and I continue to inspire others with my resilience and determination. I am proof that with the right opportunities and support, individuals with disabilities can achieve greatness, and that their voices should never go unheard.

Ikram Ishak
Community Engagement Officer


Discover the remarkable strides made towards inclusivity through the “Sustainable Employment for Persons with Disabilities” program. With the unwavering support of Yayasan Bursa Malaysia, this transformative initiative unfolded from June 6th to June 28th, 2023, at Common Ground Bangsar South in Kuala Lumpur. 

The program’s primary objective was to equip individuals with disabilities with essential skills and empower them to thrive in today’s dynamic working environment. Through a carefully crafted journey, participants underwent an immersive workshop from June 6th to June 16th, focusing on five critical elements vital to their professional growth. 

Mindset Growth and Resilience: Participants delved deep into the power of cultivating a growth mindset and building resilience. By embracing this mindset, individuals gain the ability to overcome challenges with a positive outlook, unlocking their full potential for success. 

Conversational English: Effective communication serves as the cornerstone of triumph in any workplace. Through practical sessions, participants honed their conversational English skills, ensuring clear and confident communication with colleagues, clients, and customers. 

Grooming & Communication: In today’s professional world, making a lasting impression is of paramount importance. Participants gained valuable insights into professional grooming standards and refined their communication techniques, empowering them to leave an indelible impact in any professional setting. 

Basic IT: Recognizing the indispensable role of technology, the program provided participants with fundamental IT skills. Navigating digital tools and comprehending technology’s relevance in the workplace became second nature, enabling participants to harness technology’s power to enhance productivity. 

Personal Finance: Financial literacy is a crucial life skill for all individuals, including those with disabilities. Participants acquired knowledge in personal finance, encompassing budgeting, saving, and making informed financial decisions. This empowerment fostered independence and stability, granting them control over their financial future. 

Following the enriching workshop, participants embarked on a transformative on-the-job training journey from June 19th to June 28th. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, they had the privilege to apply their newly acquired skills in real-world work environments. This immersive experience provided invaluable hands-on learning opportunities, boosting participants’ confidence and facilitating their seamless adaptation to the demands of the workplace. 

The “Sustainable Employment for Persons with Disabilities” program’s overarching goal is to empower individuals with disabilities by equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive in the workforce. Addressing crucial aspects such as mindset, communication, IT, and personal finance, the program ensures that participants not only become job-ready but also develop the resilience and confidence required for long-term success. 

If you or your loved ones are interested in exploring ENOKU’s comprehensive services and how they can support your journey towards sustainable employment, we encourage you to visit their website at ENOKU.my or reach out to them at hi@enoku.my. Together, let us break barriers and create a truly inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities to flourish in their professional lives. 


“Wow! The program was absolutely thrilling! We enjoyed free food, allowances, and had an amazing community of participants and trainers. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn, make friends, and prepare ourselves for success in the working world.” by Ariffin 

“This program was life-changing! I learned valuable skills, from mindset to English communication, grooming, IT, and finance. ENOKU, thank you for believing in us and giving us the tools to succeed!” by Arjun 

“The ‘Sustainable Employment for Persons with Disabilities’ program was like joining a friendly family! I grew personally and professionally, thanks to the fun workshops and supportive trainers. ENOKU, you guys are amazing!” by Nazirah 



The ENOKU team recently had the opportunity to attend a training program at the Pusat Latihan Pengurusan Pekerjaan Persaraan (PLPP Bangi) to become Personal Assistants for individuals with disabilities. The training was a joint effort between ILC and PLPP Bangi and was held over two days, on 28th and 29th February 2023.

At ENOKU, we are committed to providing the best possible support for individuals with disabilities and believe that education and training are essential for achieving this goal. This is why we were excited to participate in this training program, which aimed to equip us with the skills and knowledge needed to become effective Personal Assistants.

The training was conducted by experienced trainers from ILC and PLPP Bangi and covered a range of topics, including disability awareness, effective communication, and assistive technology. The sessions were interactive and engaging, allowing us to learn through practical activities and discussions.

One of the highlights of the training was the opportunity to learn about various assistive technologies that can assist individuals with disabilities in their daily lives. We also learned about the different types of disabilities and the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, which has helped us to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of our clients.

We are grateful for the opportunity to attend this training and are excited to put our new skills and knowledge into practice. By becoming more effective Personal Assistants, we hope to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and help them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

The ENOKU team is committed to ongoing education and training, and we believe that by investing in our skills and knowledge, we can provide the best possible support for individuals with disabilities. We look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a team, and we are grateful for the support of ILC and PLPP Bangi in helping us to achieve our goals.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you or your loved one, please visit our website at ENOKU.my or contact us at hi@enoku.my.


We are excited to announce that our venture, previously known as Enable OKU, is undergoing a rebranding process and will now be known as ENOKU. As part of this exciting change, we also have a new logo and theme that reflects our commitment to helping our clients and candidates turn a new leaf and start fresh. Our new logo features a stylised leaf in a vibrant shade of blue, which represents renewal and growth alongside a stylised hand, which represents our commitment to being a friendly and approachable partner in your career or staffing journey.

In addition to the new logo, our color scheme has been updated to include shades of blue, which we believe conveys a sense of friendliness and professionalism. These updates are meant to better align with our mission to support individuals and businesses in finding the perfect fit for their career or staffing needs.

We understand that change can be intimidating, but we are confident that these updates will help us better serve our clients and candidates. We are committed to providing top-quality service and support, and we believe that our new look will help us achieve this goal.

We are excited to share this new chapter with you and look forward to continuing to help you turn a new leaf in your career or staffing journey under our new name, ENOKU. Stay tuned for updates on our rebranding journey, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to support you every step of the way.